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How to Use Crypto for Online Sports Betting?

How to Use Crypto for Online Sports Betting?


Integrating cryptocurrencies in sports betting websites has brought in revolutionary changes in the ways crypto betting sites were perceived earlier. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain endow safety and reliability to the sports betting platforms and most importantly cryptocurrencies allow players to wager anonymously.

About Crypto Sports Betting 

Crypto Sports betting involves staking with cryptocurrencies and reaping the advantages of anonymous gambling, faster payouts, more bonuses, etc.

Working of Crypto Sports Betting

To gamble online on any crypto sports betting site, players at first are required to register at that particular site and make the required initial deposit only after which they would be allowed to play their favorite games on the site.

Crypto Sports Betting Tips and Tricks

There are a few time-tested crypto strategies that can help in maximising one’s potential earnings.

Buying cryptos during a bear market

According to crypto analysts, the best time to buy cryptocurrencies is when the preferred crypto coin is trending below its recent weekly average.

Never deposit crypto coin to any Sportsbook website when its price is riding high

Depositing coins in any Sportsbook website when their value is low, lets users move their favorite crypto coins at low market value thereby reaping the benefits of potential gains that might occur by depositing the coins at the sports betting account.

Keeping sports betting deposits in Cryptocurrencies

Over the years Sportbook websites have amended their regulations, and nowadays most online Sportsbooks allow users to keep their crypto deposits as they are, instead of converting them into fiat currencies at the time of crediting the deposits to users’ accounts. This helps players to reap the advantage during crypto price hikes.

Consider correct timing for crypto payouts

Claiming payouts when the crypto price is trending low than its average would help players to pull out more cryptocurrencies for the same USD equivalent and because of the historically upward trend of cryptocurrencies, the more coins that a player can possess, the more would be his chances to remain financially stable in the long run.

How To Do Online Crypto Sports Betting Deposits?

Before starting with any online crypto sports betting sites, players are required to acquire some crypto coins first, which they need at the time of making the initial deposits to the sports betting sites.

Buy Cryptocurrencies

For buying cryptocurrencies, users are required to sign up at any licensed cryptocurrency exchange site by entering all their basic details which will then be verified by the exchange. After the details are verified, users can deposit funds (in fiat currencies or other alternative cryptocurrencies) into the crypto exchange account and receive their favorite crypto coins in return.

Send the crypto coins to any preferred sports betting site

As soon as the crypto coins are eligible to be sent off-platform (online sportsbooks), they can be directly sent to those online sportsbook sites for loading up the account balance. For this, users are required to click on the “Send” option in the crypto exchange account, enter the crypto amount that they want to send, and copy and paste the exchanges’ wallet address where the coins are to be sent.  

Signing up at the online sportsbook websites is also pretty simple; users just need to sign up at any particular sportsbook by entering the required details and then transferring the crypto coins to the individual sportsbook account. Time taken to complete the deposit process depends on the cryptocurrencies chosen by players.

Online Crypto Sports Betting Payouts

Claiming crypto payouts from a sportsbook website is relatively easier than making the initial deposits, because by the time a player is ready to claim his payouts he has already gone through the tough part- setting a cryptocurrency exchange account and making the initial deposits. The following steps would help users to claim crypto sports betting payouts:

·   Choose the “withdrawal” option from the cashier page of the Sportsbook website

·   Select the cryptocurrency in which the payout is claimed -any supported crypto coins can be claimed as payouts irrespective of the deposits made.

·   Click on the “Receive” option and enter the amount of crypto which is claimed as payouts.

·   Copy and paste the receiving crypto address on the cashier page of the Sportsbook website and click on the “Submit” tab.

It takes a few hours to process the payouts, but once the processing is done, at the Sportsbook’s end, the winnings reflect in the user’s wallet within a few minutes.

Future of Crypto Sports Betting

The crypto sports betting sector is developing in leaps and bounds, with sports bettors all over the world switching to cryptocurrencies from fiat currencies to reap the benefits of blockchain technology. Almost 60% of the crypto transactions happen at online Sportsbook websites implies that the popularity of crypto sports betting will not die down too soon.


Thus, with the extensive benefits that crypto sports betting offers to its players, the popularity of online Sportsbook websites will increase over time. Modern Sportsbooks are also bringing more innovative technologies in sports betting to increase their customer base.

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