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Crypto Casino Games to Play with Your Friends & Family

Crypto Casino Games to Play with Your Friends & Family

Crypto casinos are online casinos that enable cryptocurrency transactions—at these casinos, cryptocurrencies are one of the preferred means of payment.

There are also casinos that support transactions involving both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Such casinos are called hybrid online casinos. However, traditional casinos, unlike crypto casinos, only support fiat currency transactions.

Similar to the different types of online casinos mentioned above, there are different types of visitors too; some prefer fiat currency transactions, others prefer transacting only in cryptos. There is yet another category of online casino players—these players prefer to make deposits in cryptocurrency but withdraw money from their casino accounts in the form of fiat currency. Now that we know the different types of online casinos and casino enthusiasts let’s have a look at some of the best casino games.

An Introduction to Crypto Casino Games

Since the inception of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, in 2009, many cryptocurrencies are regularly being released into the market. Aside from cryptocurrencies, the online casino landscape has also undergone a positive transformation. These changes have made the casinos safe and secure for online transactions that are faster and transparent. Apart from this, there are other advantages like zero to very low transaction charges, user anonymity, etc.

Although gambling and online casinos may be considered illegal in some countries, the use of cryptos enables players from such countries to gamble online without having to worry about the legalities involved. This brings us to the next big question, what are the types of games that one can play by depositing cryptocurrencies?

There are a plethora of games you can find at the best crypto casino, where there is a specific category for crypto/bitcoin-only games. Certain sites also enable players to play crypto games, where they can earn real money. Thus, depending on the type of rewards and transaction methods, you can choose the games that meet your requirement.

Crypto Casino Game Library

Some of the different casino games that one can play by depositing cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), and other popular Altcoins (ALT) include live dealer games like online poker, table games like roulette, a variety of online slots, among others.

During the global pandemic, lockdown was imposed due to the coronavirus, it was then virtual sports, and some social casino games garnered immense popularity. And, this gave rise to a new category of casino games that one could play with one’s friends and family. Live dealer games like baccarat, and Texas Hold’em, Stud poker make for exciting games where you can challenge your friends alongside spending quality time.

Online slots also have chat rooms where you can play and also connect with your friends and family living in other cities and states. There are also multiplayer online slot games where you can compete with other players and even invite your friends and family.

There are many benefits of crypto casinos stated earlier in the article. While this may be true, there are certain drawbacks as well. Let’s consider them below.

Crypto Casinos Pros and Cons


  • User anonymity
  • Transparency
  • Transactions are secured with SSL encryption
  • Smart Contracts with Ethereum-backed casinos
  • Faster cross-border transactions
  • Zero to very low transaction charges


  • Conversion charges (fiat-to-crypto and vice versa)
  • Lack of proper regulation

Crypto Casino no Deposit Bonus

Players must make a minimum deposit to fund their user account to play the crypto casino or a bitcoin casino games. For those who are interested in playing the games but are not keen on making the deposits, certain crypto casinos offer a ‘no deposit bonus’ like free spins or game credits. Thus, without having to fund their account, they can enjoy their favorite crypto casino games. However, one must look for such casinos offering no deposit bonuses as part of their promotions.

Other than the ‘no deposit bonus’, players are also awarded deposit bonuses. These include a certain number of free spins for the first few deposits made along with match up bonuses ranging from 50 to 200%. You can refer online sources for more details regarding various bonus and promotional offers of BTC casino.

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the gaming and gambling industry, giving rise to crypto casinos and bitcoin casino that differ from traditional online casinos. The former supports cryptocurrency transactions, while the latter only allows fiat currency transactions.

Due to various reasons, players prefer crypto casinos over their traditional counterparts. A major reason is that players from countries where online casinos and gambling is considered illegal can still play due to user anonymity. With the wide selection of crypto casino games, cryptocurrency casinos have evolved alongside cryptocurrencies. In fact, there are many social crypto casino games like multiplayer slots that can also be played with friends and family.

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