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Akeno Lomidze
With a great passion for writing casino news, Akeno Lomidze was a fresher when he joined Akeno is actively involved in the casino world. Besides all this, he loves to share new tips on playing free casino games.
Chan Ming

Chan Ming is a news editor at the With a great passion for the gambling business, he also writes news on it. Before joining us, he was working as a freelance writer for the foremost publications.

Feng Wong

Feng Wong is a content contributor to regular feature articles at Currently, he joined us as a journalist and is actively involved in the online gaming industry.

Jin Long

On having a good knowledge of the casino sports games, Jin Long writes the top and trending updates about it. With about 5+ years of experience in this business, he connected with the as a lead journalist.

Liang Donghai

An expert journalist, Liang Donghai, reports poker news columns for He is skilled in comprehensive reporting and works with loyalty toward his team. Apart from writing, Liang plays online poker games.

Deng Chen

Deng Chen – one of the enthusiastic news writers at has excellent knowledge about the betting business. He helps readers significantly by sharing updated information regarding new betting techniques and tips in his articles.